Body painting
Body painting
Body painting
Body painting
Body Painting

Friday, May 21, 2010

Artwork In Progress, new home art studio + news and things

I had intended to be showing off my finished painting in this entry but alas- i didn't get it done in time so i have some "work in progress" shots to share instead!
work in progress
endowment close up
I took these yesterday. I changed two things mainly- i did a rough/dark vignette around the painting and i changed the positing of the hands and arms a bit more. Things are still pretty rough so this weekend i hope to get in there and define the shapes better and get the color smoothly blended + make some final touches and be done!
I could have probably finished this painting this week but i had little time. Tiffany Ruth, my dear friend who is also the owner of T.Ruth Art space gallery has been in the hospital so i have been rushing over to the space after work to hang out in the gallery, greet customers, take phone calls and water the plants. Tiffany is pulling through ok- she is such a strong woman!
I think it will be another few weeks till she is back in the gallery. I do really enjoy spending time in there. In fact i will be in the gallery all day Saturday doing another body painting/photo session. So stop by and say Hi if you are in the neighborhood!

In other news i do have most of my new home art studio set up:
home art studio
As you can see im still feeling the room out. Its the first time i have been able to claim an entire room to dedicate to art and art supplies. Its wonderfull to be able to walk into the room, shut the door and work with privacy and without distraction. i have been trying hard to keep my cat Sushi from coming into the room- thus hopefully making the area a cat hair free zone( which will come in handy when im painting and varnishing!) Its also such a luxery to be able contain all my art mess in one room- be able to simply shut the door and its out of sight!
All and digging the new set up. I still have some boxes i need to go through but its pretty much come together by now!

Also, i wanted to share with you my new earings that i go from a friend on!
mini mushroom earings
(click to full view)
mini mushroom earrings! They were custom hand made by Rustic Rainbow. She made them as clip on earrings for me since my ears never stay pierced. They are done up in my favorite color combo: Green and Purple! I love them dearly.

I will leave you with a calming shot of my new apartment's dining window view:
This past week we have been hit by a powerful storm. The days are a manic mix of intense sunshine, sudden down pours and hail storms. I love it!

I wish everyone a lovely weekend.
Much love always,
-Chelsea Rose

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