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Friday, May 28, 2010

Hand made Coloring book and Fortune cat drawing!

Alright...made it to Friday in one piece!
Its been an intense week between watching T.Ruth Artspace gallery, creating my commissioned coloring book, working on my Fortune cat drawings and trying to finish editing the photos from my last body painting photo shoot.
But i managed!

Check out the groovy coloring book i made:

I made a coloring book
This was quite possibly one of the most interesting commissions yet. This was made for a dear blogger/etsy friend who wanted to give a "Chelsea rose art's coloring book" to her daughter for her 7th b-day.
I made a coloring book
I made a coloring book
Honestly i feel like i couldn't get a good picture of this creation- i don't think the photos do it justice. I made it with a mix of mediums: pen, ink, watercolor, watercolor paper, printer paper, decorative paper, ribbon, string, iridescent medium, yes paste and more.
The hardest part was figuring out how i was going to bind it all together. Initially i had wanted to use a sewing machine( which turned out a really bad idea since the machine i tried that with ended up having its timing screwed up) but i ended up just taking it over to OfficeMax where they spiral bound it for only $1! Now that i have made one I'm thinking about making more to put around in the local boutiques and inside my etsy shop...we shall see!

Here is my Maneki Neko inspired drawing:
Fortune Cat
original pen and ink drawing
by Chelsea Rose

.....I have always really loved the cute Japanese Fortune cat statues that you see in shops sometimes so a week or so ago i was doodling and to my surprise a very rough beginning sketch of the Maneki Neko appeared out of the blue! I took that as a good sign seeing that this symbol is a good luck totem so i decided to work on the drawing a bit more. I am thinking about eventually turning the drawing into an acrylic painting as well. If my research was correct the kanji symbol i drew means "prosperity."

Anyhow...thats what i have been up to!
So far i dont have any extravagant plans for the weekend. I will be watching T.Ruth artspace gallery for a few hours. I hope to finally finish the painting i have been neglecting...but mainly im looking forward to some quiet cozy time inside my new apartment. There has been little time for that lately and i feel i have yet to really relax/enjoy the new surroundings. So wish me luck with that endeavour!

Many blessings,
-Chelsea Rose


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