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Body painting
Body painting
Body painting
Body Painting

Monday, June 14, 2010

Sidewalk Art Sale + Finished painting

This weekend was lovely with all of its sunshine and activity. It seems Portland had come alive, to be quickly followed by rain again. Oh well, at least we had a nice stretch of sunny weekend before the rain returns.
On Saturday Danny and I were to watch T.Ruth art space gallery for the day. We had the idea to set up a lil sidewalk art sale to see if we could catch the interest of the passer byes. It worked!
T.Ruth artspace- sidewalk sale
T.Ruth artspace- sidewalk sale
It certainly caught peoples interest and pulled a lot more traffic into the gallery.

Meanwhile Danny was working on getting more of his stencil artworks cutout while i was working on a painting:
Painting inside T.Ruth Artspace gallery
I love working in the art gallery. I really am able to focus and sit there and paint for hours.
Painting inside T.Ruth Artspace gallery
While i do love my home art room....working at home can be tough because there is always plenty of things to distract me, mainly my cat, my love and the computer...not to mention my patio( which was just beckoning to me all weekend because of the nice weather. All most all of my herb and flower seeds have sprouted! I hope they grow up quickly so i can enjoy them before the summer is gone and the cold seeps back into place.)

So i painted in the gallery from 1-6pm and was able to finish the painting i was working on
final touches
On Sunday i managed to paint the sides of the canvas black, sign, date and varnish the painting. Today when i am home from work i will do my best to get a good, crisp photo of the finished painting in its whole to share.

On Sunday i was also able to schedule another body painting photo shoot for this coming Sunday the 19th! It will be another white paint on dark skin painting/photo session. I hope it all works out and that the plans do not fall through!
Also excited to learn that Danny and I will be putting some artwork into a group show in Vancouver. The theme is Freedom. I will report more details soon, as they come to me.

So yes, many blessings to this new week.
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

With love,
-Chelsea Rose

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