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Body painting
Body painting
Body painting
Body Painting

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Many Armed Goddess Body Painting and Ebru Marbling demo

Its July and its Friday, already- time is such a shifty slippery thing.

Check out this photo manipulation that danny made from my most recent body painting photos:
Queen Omega
(Body painting and photography by Chelsea Rose
Model: Deonte
digital editing and manipulation by Danny )
Danny also just recently finished designing and coding a website dedicated to offering our photographer portrait services. check out Lucid Portraiture to see a good portfolio of our various portraits, styles and price ranges.

Last night was very fun. We hosted an artist demo inside T.Ruth Artspace galleryand it was a major success thanks to the amazing and wonderfully talented artist: Reza Antoszewska-she specializes in a fascinating Turkish paper marbling technique called Ebru- a monoprint technique using a thickened medium on which the artist places the paints by various methods, then works the colors in the medium with stylus, combs, and other methods to develop the designs. The print is then carefully transferred to the treated paper or fabric to capture the design.
Her Demo was amazing and everyone who was there got to make their own first Ebru artpeice:
You can see the demo set up in the first photo while the second photo shows Danny holding up his successful Ebru piece while Reza proudly smiles in approval. See his finished Ebru here.
She is standing infront of the wall where she has a spectacular body of her Ebru work up. Now that i have seen the process she is undertaking to create her art it truly is fascinating looking at the work and realizing how much control and skill she harnesses over this process. Reza's artwork will be up and on display till September so there is plenty of time to come visit the gallery and see the work in person. If you are not in the Oregon area feel free to click here to see some of her work.

In other news i am leaving work a bit early today so that we can drive on over to Vancouver Washington and set up a booth to sell our artwork at "the craft in the village" which happens every first Friday of the month. So i will have a full report with photos on how that goes.

Also- on July 4th i will be doing another body painting live inside t.ruth artspace gallery( and NO! i will not be painting her in stars and stripes*gag reflex.*) This will be my first "elderly" woman to enter into the project and i am super thrilled about it! Feel free to come on over and hang out, drink some tea and watch as the art project unrolls.

So yes....expect a photo heavy blogpost for Monday.

I do hope everyone enjoys their 3day weekend while managing to not burn anyone’s home down or explode away any limbs.
Much love!
-Chelsea Rose

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