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Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Tidbits:finishing my Trinity Pixie painting and a look at Dayzee love creations

This weekend was blissfully uneventful- sometimes you need those in order to find a balance.

Our only obligation for the weekend was on Saturday: to open up and watch our friend Tiffany's Gallery, T.Ruth Artspace, since she is till recovering from illness. We made the best of the day by setting up a couple tables along the gallery front on the sidewalk and sold some of our creations. I love sidewalk sales.
I also managed to put the final touches on a acrylic painting i have been working on:
Fae- Work in Progress
This is the Trinity Pixie- named after her strange balance of 3 eyes. I spent about 3 hours going over her in the gallery adding more highlight and shadow/correcting shape and so on ( in this photo she was still an hours worth or work away from being finished.) Today when i get home from work i hope to sign her and coat her in a protective gloss varnish then she will be all done. I will be displaying her along with some of my other paintings next month inside the Guerrilla Gallery, curated and run by Olin and the Guerrilla Media artist collective based in Vancouver WA ( i love those folks!) I will have more on that as the date draws nearer.

I also wanted to share an etsy artist and friend with you: DayzeeLove creations
She is a UK based etsy seller whom i met via Chat on one veryyy slow day.
I recently had ordered a pair of custom made clip on earrings from her and she had sent me some extra goodies along with them and i liked them so much!
DayzeeLove hair clip
....they are called "Purple Skeleton Leaf Glass and Antique Bronze Bobby Pins with Silver background."
see her actual etsy store listing for these here.
...her creations are very hard to resist for those who are generally entranced by shiny things :P
DayzeeLove hair clip and earings
and a close up for you:

Here is a shot documenting the lovely "Green and Purple Skeleton Leaf Glass Earrings" that she made into clip ons for me since i dont have my ears pierced. Check out her shop listing for them here.
I love etsy and the community of hands on, hand made enthusiasts and artists. Its a very good thing to have a hub such as this site where other artists can mingle and connect from all around the world with each other- sharing inspiration and helpfull tips. And even though i have my own shop on etsy i think its karmatically good to buy from another etsy shop now and again- we have to support eachother!
Speaking of my etsy shop, its been awhile since i have uploaded anything new so i will have to make a point this week to do so. However i currently have over 100 art creations for sale including original paintings, art prints, screen printed shirts, tie dye and much more so take a glance into the shop if you are curious.

So yes, hello to a new week.
Much love to all,
-Chelsea Rose

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